Write a post

We want SpectrumWasp families to get involved in adding to this website.

Posts are generally short and help to inform the rest of the group about upcoming events, information discovered, or to document recent trips and activities.

In this section there will be guides as to how to do this for those who are able and willing.

Come on – What are you waiting for?

if you want to send a post to be uploaded onto the site then

  1. Write something interesting
  2. Email it to Ray or Jeff at  spectrumwasp@gmail.com
  3. If possible attach a really nice photo or two, or upload a video to youtube or vimeo and include the link.

2 Responses to Write a post

  1. clair preece says:

    hi , as all of you no it is autism awareness month in april , and as a keen baker i have decided to donate my time to make cupcakes to sell, and donate all proceeds to the support group, a box of 6 cupcakes for £8 which will have autism awareness toppers put on top 🙂 i have had some interest but want lots more . so if we could sell a few more by advertising on here that would be brilliant , clair preece ( from spectrum group)

  2. Vicky Graham says:

    I’ve attended the wasp coffee morning for the first time today following my son’s diagnosis of autism. I would like to say a massive thank you to all the people at the group for their support today. It’s nice to know I’m not alone . Thank you

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