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Dr Wendy Lawson is visiting the UK again. An amazing speaker, she is well worth seeing.

Please see the flyer (by clicking on the link below) for full info from YouTraining.

Wendy Lawson Flyer June 5th 2013 (2)

June 5th 2013   9.30am-12.30pm

Mapperley Plains Social Club – Plains Road, Nottingham NG3 5RH

Dr Wendy Lawson is a world renowned speaker with AS and is an accomplished psychologist, lecturer and author. She is a parent to 4 children ( one of whom has AS) and has 2 grandaughters.

Wendy’s talks are always popular because she bring them to life with personal stories, an insider’s viewpoint and with helpful strategies for supporting individuals with AS. She gives us a window into the world from an autistic point of view.

Tickets are only £2.50 per person

There is limited availability Booking is essential

Please email:  kalinowska_mj@yahoo.co.uk  to reserve your place. If you have any questions please contact: tel: 07967 456350

You training is a not-for-profit organisation

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