Therese Lord – Compass Rose School

Therese Lord attended the Spectrum WASP meeting this week to give us an update on the plans to open a new School in the area for High-Functioning Autistic students. Despite being unsuccessful in their previous bid, they are resubmitting plans soon for this desperately needed school, catering for…

“Children who are academically able, but unable to cope with the environment of mainstream schools, often become isolated, excluded or medically unfit to continue with their education. This school seeks to provide for children’s academic needs as well as their emotional and social needs. The environment of this school will also be sympathetic to children’s underlying sensory difficulties.”

more information can be found on their website – If you have an interest then please register it via the following link –

Remember that the more people who register an interest, the stronger their case for bringing the school to the area.

They are in the process of launching a new website and a new name for the school – compass rose. So if the website isn’t updated at the moment then bear with them as they are working their socks off getting the new proposal finished before the new year. For up to date info please check out their Facebook site – where the following text has been taken.

If you know of other parents whose children may benefit from a potential placement at this school, please point them to the website for further information and urge them to register their interest by clicking on the ‘Registration’ link on the site.

It is important that we can evidence that there is a need for this school and the only way to do this is to ask people to register. Obviously there is no commitment as the school does not yet exist.

What next?
There are three stages for the school application. 1st, a business case is required to be sent to the Department for Education (DfE). This has to give all the details required to set up a school.

2nd, the DfE assess applications against a set of minimum criteria as well as competitively against other applications.

They will shortlist school proposers they wish to invite to an interview in early 2013.

3rd, the DfE will announce which schools they approve by Spring next year. If we are given approval, we will have one year to open the school by September 2014.

SEN Educational Expert Required
We are currently looking for a specialist with special educational need experience who has had senior management experience in a special school. If you are interested in joining the bid team or you know someone who may be interested, please ask them to contact Thérèse Lord on 01522 722303 or email

The school site – Can you help?
As time has progressed, some of the properties we had our eye on have been taken off the market. Therefore, we are looking for a property that can house our first school in Nottinghamshire.

Ideally, we need a property that is approximately 1.5 to 3 acres in size. If there are existing buildings on site, then we are looking for approximately 17,000 square feet although we can always look at extensions to existing properties.

If you could help with some research for us, or share your knowledge of empty potential buildings in your locality, then please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you already to those of you that have forwarded information. Please keep the information coming.

Contact information

Therese Lord

01522 722 303

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