The red wot was fez.

Local playwright Alan Dawson has written an amazing play about Autism called “The fez wot was red”, or “The red wot woz fez”. A tender and upsetting play dealing with parents of a child with Autism. The play also stars our own star Toni Sutton, playing the mother. By concentrating on the parents rather than the child, then play explores the great difficulties and joys that we face on a daily basis. It is a very emotional play and the parents who attended the original performance we gobsmacked at how good it was. Just ask Sue.

Under the headstocks community drama group have agreed to perform the play for our group. All proceeds will be going directly to our group with the drama group performing for free.

Tickets are £5 each and the performance is on the 29th June. Details on the poster below.

Please come along and bring as many people as you can. If they are directly involved with caring for someone with autism then they will recognise the situations and strains that the characters have to deal with. But please do what you can to bring along people who are not directly involved with caring for people on the Autistic spectrum. They can be guaranteed a great night out, and they might just begin to get an understanding of what is really going on when the see a kid having a meltdown in a supermarket.

This is a win-win all round. Come along to raise funds and awareness about the group and Autism.


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