Can we become Sainsbury’s new Local Charity?

As this year we are a registered charity (Waheey) we can apply to become  the Sainsbury’s Local charity.

Click on the picture below to find out more about this.

We need people to complete a form (picked up from your local Sainsbury’s). If picked then we will get a years worth of support from Sainsbury’s.

You need to answer a few questions explaining how important and beneficial SpectrumWASP is to you.

I think this charity makes a difference by…

How does this charity address the needs of the community?

Tell us how we can best support your chosen charity…

There are 2 questions asking for details about the group. These are.

I would like our local Charity to be.     – SpectrumWASP

Contact Details for your nominated charity.  –

Sue Harpham    0794 6833478 / 01623 795610

or Sue Edwards

or the website –

Once again – It is important for everyone to get as many people to fill in the forms so that the group and the kids get the support we need. Thanks.

About spectrumwasp

SpectrumWasp is....
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