Free Parent Workshop – Special Educational Needs & the Law

Free Parent Workshop – Special Educational Needs & the Law

16th March 2012                 11.00-2.00pm

Venue: Park Hall Autism Resource Centre, Bestwood Village, Nottingham

This is a free workshop for parents about special educational needs, Statements of Special Educational Needs, the SENDIST appeal process and how to secure better provision for your children.

This session is brought to you by Leena Hurloll; a Senior Solicitor working for Moore Blatch Solicitors, a practice based in  the South of England, who has for 10 years specialised in education law, and has extensive experience in representing children and their families in this area of law.

Sounds very interesting. Thanks to Kieran from the Dads group for this one.

If you’re interested click on the link below-

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