IMPORTANT: The Support needs for your child will be changing. Act Now.

I’ve been sent this by Kieran Lee, of the Notts Dads Forum. This is really important and I urge everyone to read this and act upon it.

The Coalition Government has issued a green paper which aims to radically reform how the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities are met. This is the biggest shake up of how special educational needs will be met in over thirty years.

The proposals have been put forward within a climate of major cutbacks in public spending. In short, the provision which your child receives will be changing.

The green paper entitled ” Support and Aspiration: A new approach to Special Educational Needs and Disability” is currently out for consultation and it is imperative that the questions and concerns of parents are forwarded to the government and to local MPs as part of the consultation.

There are some positives in the paper but included in the green paper are proposals to:

  • reduce the number of pupils with SEN,
  • to introduce an education health and care plan (but only for those who are statemented)
  • Increase parental choice of schools and remove the “bias towards inclusion”
  • to transfer more power and responsibility towards schools.
  • to reduce the involvement of local authorities.
  • to increase the involvement of the voluntary and community sector.

Last week, I chaired a small workshop for dads at the parents conference and the concerns and questions they expressed will be included in a submission which the Dads Forum will be submitting to the Government.

YOUR VIEWS AND THE NEEDS OF YOUR CHILD are needed to help shape a response which hopefully will be reflected and incorporated into government, school and local authority policy.

In order to prepare a submission to help shape future provision, a seminar will be held at

Park Hall Autism Resource Centre on Tuesday May 17th at 7:30 pm.

The seminar aims to do three things. This is to:

  • explain to parents the contents of the green paper and its implications
  • To incorporate your comments questions and concerns into a response.
  • To formulate a response which will be sent to the coalition government,  local MPs and local authorities as part of the consultation process.

This is a chance hopefully to shape future provision or at least to be prepared for the changes that are coming.

I enclose an attachment of the green paper. There is a summary in the first few pages. Please click here for it –  Government Consultation Document 

I have also included an initial response by a group called “Every Disabled Child Matters”. Please click here for it – Every Disabled Child Matters – initial_summary_March2011

If you can make the meeting it would be helpful, if you cannot make the meeting, I will be happy to incorporate your comments into a response.



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