Wendy Lawson Talk

There’s a great opportunity to see Wendy Lawson talk on Saturday 9th April. If you haven’t seen Wendy Lawson then you really don’t know what you are missing. She is an absolutely amazing speaker on autism and you’ll come away from her talk a changed person. You MUST go to this. and it’s FREE!

Sue Edwards has managed to book some tickets for the group, so please ask her if you want to go. Her email is suzey.edwards@hotmail.co.uk , Parents can also ring Sue Harpham at Jo Whit Sports College, Tel 01623 795610, to book a place…..

I’ll be there.

Wendy Lawson’s website is – http://www.mugsy.org/wendy

Free training event with Wendy Lawson

Free to parents of children with additional needs Hosted by You Trainng

At: Arnold Mill School, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 7AX

On: Saturday 9 April 2011 Time: 7pm and 9pm

Places are limited. Please book early. Contact Maria via email, text message or telephone: Kalinowska_mj@yahoo.co.uk or 07967456350

The Passionate Mind: How people with autism learn

Dr. Wendy Lawson MAPS; BPS, an adult with high functioning autism, presents internationally and is well published. Having written numerous papers & books, (varying from her autobiography to an everyday text on autism) Wendy explores the influence of individual neurological development with reference to impact upon learning styles.

Awarded fourth place as ‘Victorian Australian of the year’ in 2008, a psychologist, writer, poet and adult educator, Wendy is well known both in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Having presented to the All Party Working Committee for Autism, in the UK & in Australia, her influence and commitment to education is unwavering. Currently Wendy works as a freelance educator, writer & psychologist within Australia and around the world. She is also a tutor for the University of Birmingham (distance education Masters course, in autism) & lectures in Learning Disability at Melbourne University, Australia.

Wendy’s training sessions are research based and focus upon building bridges between the neurologically typical (NT) and autism spectrum (AS) worlds. Relationships; formal, informal, familiar or otherwise, all need to be negotiated. Typically developing individuals seem to have little difficulty with communicating needs, wants and desires.

Being AS however, means we understand the world differently. This implies a clash in the social arena. Social demand and interaction for AS individuals is a nightmare.

Wendy’s training seminars explore AS, social demand and how to bridge some of the gaps so AS individuals can truly be involved with an inclusive society.

Although the training is research based, seminars are ‘hands on’, practical and ‘down to earth’. They make available a number of strategies that the attendee can take away and implement in their own daily encounters with AS.

Wendy’s training seminars cover topics concerning inclusion, best practice, concerns around sexuality & relationships, to issues with sensory disphoria and social expectations. Her workshops cover the whole spectrum of autism and are easy to relate to.

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